About us
We are a naturalism brand that embodies the healing power of nature
and carves our trust in a blockchain
About OlleNature
OlleNature come from nature 100%
with Advanced Vacuum Extraction Technology
With fresh raw materials mainly from Jeju, clean and in a stable vacuum space, the cell water is extracted
No chemical extraction process or harmful chemicals
OlleNature give you a healthy life based on block chain infrastructure with confidence in good products
Brand Keyword
OlleNature is a company
that always cares about nature, trust and health
100% good raw
materials of Jeju Island
All the history of purchasing from raw
materials to shipment in a block chain
Cell water made from advanced
vacuum extraction technology
About OlleChain
Check the QR code in the box
And you can see the details of the product's blockchain
Read the history of the product conveniently by scanning of
the QR code attached to product or by clicking the OlleChain button
on our website Experience OlleChain now
The production / shipment history of OlleNature is recorded in OlleChain,
which cannot be falsified and cannot be deleted forever
We will release OlleChain transparently with the intention of being
responsible for the OlleNature product to the end
About Technology
Advanced vacuum extraction technology is a technique to separate water, oil,
and fragrance components from intracellular components possessed by plant
and animal cells from cells without destruction of cells
A principle of this technology is an extracting method utilizing the phenomenon
where the boiling point of water is lowered under pressure drop. It is scientific
and advanced extracting process to induce evaporation while keeping the boiling
point of water at 35℃ under vacuum at a height of 23km above sea level.
*Everest is about 9km above sea level This is an innovative technology
using high speed water stream not a conventional mechanical vacuum pump that
can be used to extract functional ingredients and dry food products by
effectively maintaining vacuum